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In 2007, launched the all-new Gradually the site grew and grew until it became one of the largest film and film festival related sites on the web. Thousands of pages of content ranging from articles to indie shorts to celebrity interviews populated the site. and Filmmaker Interviews

Over the years, HDFEST has interviewed some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities and top filmmakers. In the future, HDFEST® will continue bringing you interviews you’ll love. Enjoys Considerable Success

Over time, the new organically built up an avid and growing following who turned to the site for movie reviews, articles, new and hot indie animations and much more. Surprisingly, millions of visitors stopped by and spent some time with us. The end result is that HDFEST®, for several years, was the second ranked film festival website in the world. Yes, number two, according to the Amazon’s Alexa traffic ranking system! Quietly and honesty a bit to our surprise, really took off and even became one of the web’s top ranked sites, peaking in the top 20,000 globally and approximately 15,000 in the US.

Currently, we are pausing to retool and build a new generation website, complete with new functionality, new approaches and new ideas. We think you’ll like the results. For now, will feature information about current HDFEST® developments and the history of the festival.