HDFEST® Milestones

HDFEST®-The World’s First High-Definition Film Festival

HDFEST® has been very busy over the years promoting all thing high-definition.
Being the world’s only high-definition film festival, HDFEST® event innovations and the amazing array of HD films screened at the festival have been covered in a wide variety of publications including “Wired,” and “The Wall Street Journal,” as well as numerous newspapers such as the “The Miami Herald,” and “The New Times.”

Here are some of the festival highlights and milestones since 2000.

  • In 2000, HDFEST® holds the world’s very first high – definition film festival.
  • 2000 HDFEST® holds the first high – definition expo, showcasing a range of cutting edge high
  • definition equipment
  • May 2001, HDFEST® holds it’s first Los Angeles Event at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences becoming LA’s very first HD film festival
  • The first HD screening in history of CBS’s #1 ranked program “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and accompanying panel of the TV show’s Director, Producer, Colorist and DP who discuss working in high – definition
  • HDFEST® 2001 HDFEST® holds the first Los Angeles’ first high – definition expo exhibiting a wide range of products and equipment for HD filmmaking
  • 2002 – HDFEST® 2002-2003 World Tour begins
  • 2002 – HDFEST® London marks the U.K.’s first high – definition film festival
  • 2003 – HDFEST® Los Angeles 2003 becomes history’s largest high – definition event. Numerous articles are published covering historic nature of HDFEST® 2003
  • 2004 – HDFEST® holds the first Australian HD Film Festival at Fox Studios Australia and Chauvel Cinema in Sydney
  • 2004 – HDFEST® holds the first Scandinavian film festival in Finland
  • 2004 – The first NYC high-definition film festival takes place in Manhattan
  • HDFEST® screens breakthrough presentations “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” and “Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation” at 2004 New York event.
  • 2004 becomes the first year for the “HDFEST® Deffie Awards” which recognize achievement in HD filmmaking. HDFEST’s 2004 Deffie Award ceremony gives out 12 Deffies to HD filmmakers and technical innovators.”
  • 2005 – Intel signs on as top level sponsor for HDFEST® 2005
  • 2005 – DALSA Digital Cinema/HDFEST® Deffie Award-State-of-the-art DALSA Origin Camera package and training session awarded
  • HDFEST® New York marks first DivX HD film festival. All playback for screenings uses DivX HD technology
  • HDFEST® holds “First 2K Film Festival” as all festival content is projected using new 2K High-Definition projection technology in Los Angeles
  • HDFEST® – Raindance Film Festival multiyear partnership formed
  • HDFEST® events include 16 HD panel discussions with over 80 panelists from across the globe.
  • 2007 – HDFEST® launches
  • 2007 – HDFEST® Seoul event takes place September 7-12, in Seoul, South Korea
  • 2008 – content offerings and traffic soar
  • 2009 – HDFEST® holds it’s first Seattle event
  • 2009 – emerges as the second ranked film festival website in the world with millions of visitors
  • 2010 – HDFEST® holds it’s first Portland event
  • 2011 – Technology showcase at the Living Room Theater in Portland
  • 2012 – Development begins on new