Why Attend

High-Definition is Everywhere, Why Attend HDFEST®?

Now that HD is “everywhere,” why attend HDFEST®? From filmmakers and industry professionals to lovers of cinema, HDFEST® has received consistent accolades for the overall it’s quality of content and presentation. We take great care in selecting extremely high quality shorts and features films, so that when you attend an HDFEST® event anywhere in the world you will have a rewarding experience.

Festival attendees have routinely commented on how the quality of our festival content and the presentation ranks among the best, if not the best, that they’ve ever seen. Such glowing reviews have even come from prestigious members of the filmmaking community.

In short, HD may now be everywhere but the fantastic shorts and films screened at HDFEST® are not. We still strive to find the very best films; after all, at this point, finding the very best films is an HDFEST® tradition.

I’m Not a Technology Person Should I Attend HDFEST®? Yes!

An estimated 90% of the people who’ve ever attended the festival did not think of themselves as being “the technology obsessed.” HDFEST® has always put fun first and foremost at our events. It just so happens that all the fun is wrapped in a high-definition package.

HDFEST® Key Facts and Stats (2000-2013)

  • The world’s first high-definition festival
  • Founded in 2000
  • Responsible for numerous global firsts (see milestones page)
  • 12 cities around the world
  • Numerous HDFEST®World Tours
  • All screenings exclusively in high-definition
  • All shorts, features and other projects exclusively in high-definition
  • Dozens of festivals around the world
  • 100+ sponsors from the technology and film sectors
  • Thousands of attendees
  • Thousands of screenings
  • Hundreds of panelists, including a range of technology and entertainment industry experts

HDFEST® Cities to Date

Los Angeles
New York
Ft. Lauderdale
Helsinki, Finland
Hameenlina, Finland
Seoul, South Korea
Sydney, Australia
(More on the way)